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Mini Crybaby

Dunlop -Demo



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Kill Pot SH124

Shadow - Demos

Rob Chapman demonstrates the outstanding features of Shadow's.


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Shadow NFX AC

Shadow - Demos


Dietmar Garn demonstrates the SH NFX-AC installed at his classical guitar. Pickup for Classical and Acoustic Guitar

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Stompin' Bass Biber Herrmann

Shadow - Demos



Biber Herrmann installed Shadow's award-winning soundhole pickup SH-145-G in his guitar and recorded this demo-video.


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Stompin' Bass

Shadow - Demos



SH Stompin'Bass

Bassdrum with active NanoMAG



Steve Vai - Sustainer Fernandes

Fernandes - Demos


Steve Vai - Fernandes Sustainer Demo.


The Fernandes Sustainer gives my guitar playing a whole new dimension. As a matter of fact it’s sort of a dimension of slow motion. I actually can play long slow notes now.

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